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Just Like His Father?

Dr. Liane J. Leedom, psychiatrist and author of Just Like His Father? warns, “Your at-risk child’s needs may be different from those of other children.” 

A commitment to educate parents about the needs of at risk children, began when Dr. Leedom realized that her son is at risk.  For three years she poured through masses of scientific literature to gain the tools she needed to care for her own son.

She says, “Although the government has spent millions uncovering the genetic and environmental factors involved in antisocial behavior, addiction and ADHD, the findings of this work are not available to the public.” She believes, “We all have a right to the information that will help us protect and enjoy our at-risk children.”

Dr. Leedom has packaged this information in an easy to read book. We offer the book for only $14.95. The cost of the book and your time to read it are both tiny in comparison to the personal and financial costs of a child, teen or adult with antisocial behavior or addiction!

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The Genes for Antisocial Behavior, Addiction/Alcoholism and ADHD are found in many families!

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be caring for a genetically at risk child. Raising an an at risk child demands much from a parent. Such children are often willful, impulsive and trying. However, a difficult inborn temperament can be molded with the right kind of parenting.

Antisocial Behavior, Addiction and ADHD share a common genetic link. That link involves at least two inborn traits. The first is a different response to pleasure or reward. People with these disorders tend to seek pleasure to excess. Scientists call this sensation seeking. These individuals also tend to complain of being bored because they feel they need "excitement." Another temperamental trait that links these disorders is impulsiveness.

Just Like His Father? clearly and simply explains the unique needs of your genetically "at risk" child. The author, a psychiatrist and mother of an "at risk" child gives you the tools you need to understand, protect and enjoy your child. This book presents the latest scientific advances in parenting in an easy to read format.

We all want our children to grow up to live productive and fulfilling lives. Sometimes however, a parent’s good intentions are simply not enough, since the genes for ADHD, addiction and antisocial behavior are found in many American families. As Liane J. Leedom, M.D. describes in Just Like His Father? some kids inherit genes that send them down a path of destruction. Science has proven that there is a genetic connection between ADHD, addiction and antisocial behavior.

But if these conditions are genetic is there nothing a parent can do? Although genes for ADHD, addiction and antisocial behavior are inherited, these genes interact with a child’s environment to produce these conditions. In Just Like His Father? the dance between nature and nurture that gives rise to ADHD, addiction and antisocial behavior is revealed so that parents can take action now to protect their children. 

Here's what child development experts are saying about Just Like His Father?

A Wonderful Parenting Guide (January 29, 2007).This is an excellent book for parents or potential parents of children at risk for ADHD, antisocial personality and addiction. It provides a comprehensive summary of the research demonstrating the genetic comonent involved in these issues. But, even more importantly, it provides practical, easy to understand guidelines for parenting your at risk child during the stages of infancy, early childhood, middle childhood and even during adolescence. The advice is based upon current, clearly explained academic research.

Dr. Leedom outlines a triangle, involving 3 key components: impulse control, moral reasoning and ability to love. These developmental tasks are inextricably linked such that impaired ability in one area, may lead to difficulty in another. Dr. Leedom describes how the genetically at risk child has vulnerability in these areas. But even more importantly, she clearly describes the steps that we can take to reduce vulnerability in our at risk children.

Dr. Leedom has written an engaging, authoritative book in simple, easy to follow language. She expertly weaves in her own personal experiences, which brings the book to life. This is a must read for thoughtful parents or potential parents of children who are at risk. As an Educator, Psychologist and Parent of an at risk child, I highly recommend this book.

Tracey E Ryan Ph.D.
University of Bridgeport

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